Monday, November 5, 2007

Next Project -

There is only one day left to vote for the next project. I (along with someone else) voted for something else.
I am working on three baby afghans which I would like to get done before Christmas, and on the pocket pets which I would like to get done before Christmas and the elephant sweater (yes before Christmas).
But I would like to start work on a shawl.

How about you guys???


TRH said...

I haven't done Arlene's beaded ornaments yet. I did start one, and I am not sure I'm going to enjoy doing them, but I'm going to give it another go since the kits weren't cheap.

I also want to do a couple more of the little angels and the flat angels and EZ's angels to use as gifts. I've knit the fixin's for 3 little flat angels, but I haven't put them together yet. And the little angels still need hair (so does the EZ angel) and they all need faces . . . .

I have this luscious alpaca and I cast on and started the Hemlock Ring blanket last night. Then I ripped it out and restarted it this morning. It's going to be lovely.

Which shawl were we going to do? I bought this gorgeous tomato colored kid mohair in asheville that I want to make a shawl with. It's not lace weight, or even really fine, so it'll have to be a pattern that calls for a heavier yarn or I'll have to make up my own pattern.

Oh yeah, and I think I have to make another rat . . . .

dmr said...

Well - there is the Hemlock ring but I think that is going to be a long term project - What weight yarn again?

I printed off the pattern again for both mom and I.

Mom wants to do the one in Knitter's Stash.

TRH said...

Knitter's Stash keeps being upstairs when I'm downstairs . . . I'll check the one in it out when I get up there.

The pattern for Hemlock Ring calls for 600 yards of a heavy weight (worsted?) yarn and size 10 needles. I'm using a lighter weight - 1200 yards of alpaca in about a sport weight on size 7 needles. I figure that much yarn will make a decent sized blanket even if the guage isn't what he used. I've started it (twice) and am enjoying it. Course I also have 10 other small projects in my bag. If I could just get everyone to go away and leave me alone for two weeks to knit . . . .