Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Under the Bush . . .

It was a lovely day yesterday, so I went walking out in the garden . . .

and I saw something strange under a bush.  It was brown, like everything else on the ground, but it was a different brown.

A pair of Acorns!?!?!

One acorn still had its 'cap' on and the smaller one had lost its cap.
There they were, just lying there . . . until I bent down for a closer look!!

As I got closer, the 'cap' started to separate from the acorn and out came this little face with bright blue eyes!

The longer I stayed, the farther out the little creature came . . .

until the little darling was sitting beside the acorns.  Now neither of them have their caps!

Meet Purl, the Little Knit Girl
pattern by Cid Hanscom.

She has fingers, toes, a nose, a belly button and butt cheeks - how cute!


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