Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sure sign of Spring

This is what the girls looked like this morning.  I had been brushing them like crazy for the last couple of days because it's that time of year when it is REALLY difficult to keep them from getting matts.  
Zuzu (on the left) was in pretty good shape, surprisingly enough since she hates brushing with everything she has.  Casey, on the right was not in such great shape.  Her coat is older and the older it gets, the more difficult it is to keep it brushed because the outer coat gets coarser and the under coat is harder to get at.  The undercoat is what causes the mats.

 This is a gift from a friend.  He knew about my fiber habits, spinning, knitting, tatting, etc and figured I would like this.  He found it in the junk at Goodwill, bought it, cleaned it up and gave it a new coat of sealer before adding the plant and giving it to me.  So thoughtful and nice of him and I do really love it!

 This is the girls this afternoon.  These pics aren't great because they were really not in the mood to sit still and have photos taken.  As you can see, Casey's legs are shaved pretty close because they still had some matts.  Zuzu is still in pretty good shape . . . I think they are relieved to be home and not at the groomers but it's going to take a while for them to calm down.  They don't go to the groomers often enough not to get really nervous about it.


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