Saturday, March 16, 2013

Treasure Island, Clue One

The reason there has been such a dearth of knitting on this blog is this particular project.  I have a lot of little things going on the side and many of those will be finished soon, but this had to be my main focus because it was a test knit and on a deadline.  It is finished now, but I cannot show the entire thing because The Unique Sheep Mystery Knit Along started last Friday and won't finish for 8 weeks.  

For those who don't know what a Mystery Knit Along is, you buy the yarn, beads and pattern to enter in the knit along.  The yarn is shipped to you as soon as it is dyed (The Unique Sheep dyes to order, they have a little stock, but mostly just what's left from whatever fiber festival or show they've been at recently.)  The beads either come with the yarn or you can purchase them yourself.  Then, about a week before the MKAL is scheduled to start, they email you the instructions for making a gauge swatch.  On the date that the MKAL is scheduled to start, usually a Friday, they send the first clue or section of the pattern.

I have all but finished this project - still need to block it - but I can only show you the first clue right now because it came out on Friday (well, Thursday night at Midnight eastern).  There are no beads in clue one of this, but there will be a LOT before it's all done.  The yarn is The Unique Sheep gradience Moonlight in the Garden on Tinsel Toes.  It goes from a silvery gray to a golden green.  

More pictures later . . .


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