Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upcoming Knitting

First, there is this lovely Marici lace weight silk (really lace weight, not even close to fingering) that is already on the needles.  The bottom hank is actually shades of green, not the gold that it appears to be on my monitor.  The beads will be added to the last hank, the purple blue at the top of this picture.  These are 4 hanks of one color way of The Unique Sheep's gradience yarns - this is called Wild Parrot.  It's lovely but very fine and lots of knitting and most of all it's a secret so I won't be able to show the finished product for several months.

This is Girl Far From Home's current project.  She found this lace that you knit through holes in the edge.  It's by Circulo and it's called Renda Trico.  She thought this would go nicely with a pair of jeans.  

And then there is this - I wish I could start on it immediately.  It's the third installment of The Unique Sheep Smell the Roses Club.  I had never done a club before - this particular one sends you yarn and some gifts and a pattern but you don't know what yarn, gift or pattern until they arrive.  This is the last shipment in this club but there is another Smell the Roses Club and I'm sorely tempted to do it again.  The Unique Sheep has lots of clubs . . . and lots of mystery knit alongs where you buy the yarn and then get the pattern in 'clue' form or installments one a week until you have the whole thing.  I have only done one knit along like that before and it's fun too.


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Jane McLellan said...

I covet your silk yarn! Beautiful.