Monday, June 11, 2012

Blocking a shawl

 First, I knit the center of the shawl - this is Estonian Lace and the edging is knit on.  You can see that both ends have live stitches.  I pick up stitches all along each side.  This baby looks like it's only about 3' long and 6" wide but it's lace, so it will grow when I block it.

This is the same thing with all the edge stitches picked up - I think I picked up something like 170+ stitches on each side and I had about 48 on each end.  It was a lot of stitches anyway.

The edging is now knit - still doesn't look like much.

 I laid it on the blocking boards to show what it looks like before.

This is as spread out as it will stay before blocking - notice that it is only 4' long and less than a foot wide.

 We give it a nice bath with a good soak.

Then I lay it in the center of a beach towel.

 Fold both sides over the middle so I have two thickness of towel on the inside of the roll and one on the outside - lots of towel to absorb water.

Then I roll up the towel and dance on it a while.  Now the knitting is still damp but will dry quickly.

 Then I lay it out, and pin it to it's full size.  As you can see it has grown to about 18" wide and 5' long - each tile is one foot square.

Stretched out you can really see the beauty of the lace - love those nupps!

And the final product!  



Kathy Niklewicz said...

I still can't believe how fast you knit! This is just amazing - beautiful and intricate pattern, and a gorgeous color, too! The photos are very informative! I like the way you remove the excess water! I think your blocking board is very clever. Those interlocking mats are lightweight and perfect for this kind of project. Very nicely modeled, too!

Teresa said...

Thanks, but this wasnt really done so fast. This has been on the needles since the middle of May. I don't always start something an knit until it is done. I have a vest that I started in March and a sweater that I started even longer ago than that. I also have a little sweater that I started last Thursday that I finished knitting tonight (Monday). I'm kind of all over the place.

Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful! Wonderful how blocking brought the pattern out, thanks for showing how important the process was!