Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Actually, not completely new.  Mom taught me to sew when I was just a kid and I did sew a lot as a teenager.  But it wasn't my thing, so when I grew up and moved out on my own, I put sewing away and didn't touch it for many years.  Yes, I do still have the sewing machine that Dad bought me when I was a teenager but I haven't used it in many years and it needs a bit of TLC to get back to working order.  

So, Mom, here is proof that what you taught me stuck.  I made this jacked in about two afternoons.  I have to admit that I'm impressed myself - never thought I could do it.  (Laura did help, but at least 95% of this one is mine.)  I also did a lot of sewing on several other jackets and several pairs of pants for the show (The Wiz) at the high school.  I've decided sewing can be fun . . . I might just have to start saving for one of them new-fangled electric sewing machines.


P.S.  To everyone else, sorry for the quiet on the blog . . . been busy.  Still need to post pics from the trip to Idaho and those will come when things settle down here (about another week).

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