Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some more pretty flowers

I've been doing a LOT of knitting, but I can't post pics of most of it yet. Some is not done (a lot) and some that is done is being entered in a contest. I haven't even put any projects on Ravelry lately. So, in the meantime, here is a pic of Miss S's pondlet - with a lovely blooming blue water lily. And behind it, another pot with a pink lily - that baby just keeps on blooming and blooming. There are fish in all the pots to keep the skeeters from going nuts.

This is the lovely blue waterlily that has been miniaturized so it will grow in small places. A friend sent it for the pondlet.

This is the yarn that I'm making the 'design-a-sweater' with - I've been told that the real name for the sweater is the Checkerboard Sweater. It's almost done - well it was anyway. I had it up to the neckline this morning but I ripped it back to the armholes this afternoon. The girl wanted me to make it a v-neck and I wasn't opposed to that. I had her try it on and she said she liked where the v was going to start. So I knit it up to the neck (all done but the collar/finishing) and then tried it on her again. The v started way too low. I have also decided that it shouldn't be a v, but a slit instead.

This is the new Ultra Alpaca from Schoolhouse press. I'm going to make Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket out of it for a friend's grandson. Getting ready to wind it into balls tonight . . . .

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