Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Knitting News

First, my yarnbowl. This was made by my friend June at RisingSunEarthworks. ( or ). She's made me some really lovely and useful things over the years. This is a terrific way to keep balls of yarn from running away and since I prefer hand wound balls (that are really round), it's perfect for me.
This is the design-a-sweater that I'm making for my preteen daughter. I'll be writing a pattern for it in several teen sizes - the first of my teen knitting pattern series. It's not done in this shot - and we hadn't decided what to do to finish it at the time. But you can see the cables and checkerboard fairly well.

The next two pics are of it on the girl. The strings you see are just holding the neck stitches. I will be adding a collar to it - against her wishes, but if she hates it, I can remove it.

These are the tiny socks I made for the Sock Blocker Keychain that Mom bought for me. I just love it. The one that's on it is from the Bearfoot that I made the Embossed Leaves socks for me with and the other two are the Numma Numma Toasty for Needlenook that I made the contest socks with. I turned the socks and the pattern in to the shop today.

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Eve said...

Your socks are amazing. I saw them today, and I am so impressed.