Monday, May 26, 2008

Pics later . . ..

Finished my socks and wrote up the pattern. Now I am have to make another pair to test the larger size and make sure it isn't huge. Then I turn them in for the contest. Did D ever make hers? If not, I can send you my pattern and you can try it if you'd like. I can't post a pic because I don't think it's allowed but I'll email you one later.

I also made something else that I will post a picture of later on today. And I'm hoping to get the purse I'm making for Miss S ready to felt today - I've put way too many hours into that thing. I'll take pics before I felt it. I'm going to start on the design-a-sweater that Miss M has requested as soon as I finish the pink & green monster.

I guess I'll try to get a couple of pics of the birthday bash as well . . . . .

Don't know when I'm ever going to get to make my Austermann socks or the Bearfoot socks or the Norwegian sweater.

So what have you been up to? And what have you finished or almost finished? And what are you working on? And what's in the queue?

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