Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I have so many pretty flowers blooming in my yard today that it is really difficult to fathom that it is New Years Day.  We still haven't had our first frost of the winter down here in Atlanta.  We had a few close calls, but no real frost yet.

The Camelias are blooming - not normal for December, but not totally unheard of either.

 The Daphne usually blooms later in January or early in February, but again, not unheard of in early January (pretty much unheard of in December).

I had a Peace rose planted next to the last house we lived in and it bloomed once or twice on Christmas Day.  I was told that it was because it was next to the house and it was very happy growing where it was.  It was lovely and the folks who bought the house dug it up and tossed it.
This rose is not next to the house.  

 These are impatiens.  They should be dead, not blooming.

This is not the fall blooming type of azalea - it is the regular spring bloomer.  This is not the only azalea plant out there that is putting on a small show for me.

Weird weather.  Wonder if anything at all will bloom in the spring?


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Corina said...

happy new year! And here in Holland the roses bloom too.