Monday, December 14, 2015

Bears For Christmas

The amazing bears that Teresa knit are almost ready to be a small child's Christmas gift from Great Grandmother Elaine.

Since Teresa knit a couple of dozen amazing bears, I got the easy part of knitting some clothes for three of the adorable little guy and gals.

The bears are waiting patiently beside their clothes that are drying from blocking.  The clothes might dry faster if my house were warmer but I did put the fan on.

This bear is going to a cute little girl.  Since it is going to a girl I assumed that it was a girl bear and made it a bright yellow sundress.  With bumblebee buttons.  For rainy (and snowy) days we have a yellow hat, a warm red coat with a hoodie, and blue galoshes.

The purple-blue overalls?  Oh yes, they are for Jimmy but don't tell him.  Yes the Jimmy who is on social security retirement.  But he needs a bear.

Here is a bear going to a little boy, so obviously he is a boy bear.  His overalls are the ones in black with the cute ladybug buttons.  The purple-blue overalls are still going to Jimmy.  And the green ones?  Oh those are for my favorite sister.  My only sister.  My dearest sister.  Teresa.  Notice the buttons?

The boy bear gets the traditional Paddington colors for his outerwear, a red hat, a blue coat with hoodie and yellow galoshes.  So perfect for a polar bear living in Texas.

And the third bear is going to another little girl, the sister of the first girl.  So a fun tangerine sundress  with butterfly buttons for the hot Texas summer days.  Plus a blue hat, a yellow coat with hoodie and red galoshes.

No I do not want you to point out the mistakes in that coat.  Not at all.  Please don't.  I feel bad enough as it is.

And you needn't point out that someone didn't finish sewing in the last tail in that galoshes.  It will get done.  Maybe.

Once the clothes are dry, perhaps I can talk the bears into modeling their clothes for you.

Then everything will go into packages and then into boxes.  And then to the post office.  And then to a loving home,  and under a Christmas tree and into loving arms.


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Jane McLellan said...

Looks like excellent team work! Those bears are going to be very well dressed.