Monday, October 12, 2015

Odd Beginnings make for Beautiful Endings!

Funnest sock I have knit in a long time - and a really quick knit too!  (That is only partly because I always knit two at a time.)
Front view - lovely lace with wide strips of openwork created by double yarn overs with two stitches knit into each.

 The lace detail goes all the way down the back heel flap. These are knitted top down - another thing I rarely do because I like to use every scrap of yarn.

Here is the cool thing - the sides have these lovely open bits that are brought together by cabling stitches.  What a fun idea!

 Close up of the lace in progress on the front.

And a view of how they are knit - a few rows in the front, then a few in the back then cable them together and start over.  

Super fun knit!  Pattern is Hurly Burly from Claire Ellen's latest sock pattern club - Club Mac (for MacBeth).  If you have even a few minutes, follow the link from Claire's name - she is a brilliant sock designer and her patterns are worth looking at!!!

Now to knit the second sock . . . . 


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Jane McLellan said...

Those are wonderful socks!!! I will definitely follow your links, thanks.