Wednesday, July 8, 2015

From the Knitting Bag

I worked long and hard on a HUGE sample for a book coming out in the next month or so . . . 
Next I wanted something fun.  One day, I looked down at my knitting bag and this is what I saw!

Ok, not really, but this was a really fun knit.
Mom wanted some Teddy bears for her great grand kids.  I was planning on sewing some, but I am honestly much better at knitting so I found a lovely pattern (Vera by Anita Wilschut) and tested it with some yarn I had on hand.  This yarn is some of the leftovers from what I dyed for my Carved Kimono last summer.

The pattern is beautifully explained and a fairly easy knit.   

After I finished knitting BearBear, he decided he needed clothing . . . he offered to help knit it.

More on that later . . .


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Jane McLellan said...

A lovely bear, he will make a great present for a great grandchild!