Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Extra Special Bonus

Remember my Mexican Fiesta socks?  I had some lovely yarn that I had looked forward to knitting for months (from August until January) and then found out that it was a) not even close to what I had ordered and b) messed up and pretty much unknittable.  At the last minute I was left contacting indie yarn dyers looking for some fun yarn to knit in Mexico.  Janel, who owns Quaere on Etsy came to my rescue by dyeing some silk/merino sock yarn in her Talented Turtles color way.  She saved my vacation cuz I had to have fun yarn to knit.

As if that wasn't enough, right after we got back she had her 'Customer Love Week' and gave away three prizes.  All you had to do to enter was post in a thread in her Ravelry group.  I did and this is what arrived in the mail today!  A lovely and large yarn bowl (big enough to hold two balls of yarn when I am knitting sleeves), a small bag of candy (good because I am on a diet), a big fat cake of worsted yarn in the Sunset color way (that is 320 yards of worsted - enough to make something fun for me) and a set of six little hand stitch markers and a gorgeous marble bead stitch marker.

I cannot believe how generous this was and I loved knitting her yarn already.  I would have ordered more yarn from her even before I won these lovelies . . .



Jane McLellan said...

Always good to win! I love your Mexican socks, and the wooden sock holders, elegant way to show them off.

Francine said...

Love the yarn bowl, the yarn and .... Oh heck love it all. I want a yarn bowl like yours but red and maybe a touch of aether brown or black at the bottom then glazed.

I can hardly wait to find one. I like the Love on the bowl too

Congrats on winning