Monday, January 26, 2015

Last April . . .

 Last April when I couldn't tell you what I was knitting . . . This is what I was knitting.  This is the Nightlife Skirt and Top made in Juniper Moon Farms Findley and Findley Dappled lace weight yarns.  The top is intarsia in the round - proving that I can knit intarsia even if I don't like it.

This is the same outfit modeled by each of my daughters - one is thinner and less curvy than the other.
I think it looks good on each of them.  

This is a closeup of the skirt - it was actually stranded knitting - two colors alternated.  They called it corrugated rib but it isn't what I have seen called corrugated rib.  This might be a broken corrugated rib though.  Anyway, it was stranded knitting in the round in knits and purls ribbing.  



Sally Kerson said...

I just think it is a marvellous outfit, love the yarn design colour and everything, very smart too. Agree it looks good on both your daughters

thora said...

You did a fantastic job!!!