Saturday, September 13, 2014

River Song's Diary

A month or so ago, Girl Far From Home started having trouble with her Nook ereader.  We tried to refresh it here and then took it to Barnes&Noble to have them look at it.  They said they'd seen it before and, although they gave it a good go, were not able to get it working again - some kind of internal short was making the screen flash which wasn't pleasant.  So, she got the new version of the least expensive one.  Sadly, there are no protective cases available for the new version - just one drop in pouch.  It fits in the older cases, but doesn't stay in when they are moved, so they aren't really safe for it.

So, I found this River Song's Diary cover on Ravelry and decided to make it for the girl.  Sadly, the nook is small enough that it doesn't stretch the knitting enough so this doesn't exactly look like its best.  But the girl knows what it is supposed to be and she will enjoy it.  It was a fun and quick knit.


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