Saturday, December 14, 2013

For Jameson

 My friend just became a grandmother.  She and I were pregnant together with our first children - she was a little farther along than I was, so her girl was born first.  Now her first born has had her own firstborn and she named the little guy Jameson.

Being a knitter, I had to knit.  I made little Jameson his own very warm blanket.  Mom knit all of Tina's kids blankets and they all still have them.  I could have asked Mom to knit another and carry on the tradition, but she's got her own knitting to do.  So Jameson gets bunnies knit by me.  I hope he likes them.

Then yesterday I learned the little guy doesn't have a Christmas Stocking yet.  I will knit him a gorgeous stranded one for next Christmas but for this year, I have one that's been hanging around waiting for someone to need it.  It will do, I think.



Jane McLellan said...

Lucky Jameson!

thora said...

Beautiful blanket! Well done.