Friday, August 9, 2013


Beads! Beads! Beads!
I have been having a terrible time finding beads in town - there is only one big box store that has any and they don't have very many colors and only one of the sizes I would use for knitting. I did buy some online, but the first batch I bought were size 6 when I meant to get 8s (that worked out ok because what I am knitting now needed 6 even though I thought it needed 8).

Anyway . . . A friend went on a trip to her hometown and she told me they had a bead store there that she was sure would have what I wanted. Oh yeah, they did! These are what she brought me back. They are even more gorgeous in person. She couldn't decide what colors and I was kinda vague about it so I got tons and glorious colors that my friend liked - I do too!


Jane McLellan said...

Kind friend, those look gorgeous!

Corina said...

Great colours!