Sunday, July 14, 2013

What it became . . .

That funky blob of knitting became this darling little newborn baby sweater!  It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket with extended sleeves because they are too short as the pattern is written.  

This is my baby shower as it stands right now.  The stuffed duck is a puppet and it quacks when you press the inside of it's mouth.  The little duck is one of those dancing things that I figured could go near a light.  The blue and white set is newborn size and has a sleeper, onesie, pants and bib.  The orange and brown set has a long sleeved shirt and a short sleeved shirt and a pair of pants in size 12 months.  Then there is the baby sweater with a matching hat and a pair of booties.  I think the booties are too large for a newborn so I'm going to make another smaller pair too.  I also have the yarn for a couple of baby blankets . . . someday.

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Jane McLellan said...

Gorgeous jacket! Elizabeth Zimmerman would approve of you lengthening the sleeves, I think that customising was what she was all about.