Wednesday, December 5, 2007


These are my korknisse. The two in the center are made on regular wine corks and the rest are made using champagne corks and I think they are cuter. The hats will have to be glued on if they are to hang on the tree, but right now, they are just hanging around being cute.

The pattern can be found here:


dmr said...

I think these are adorable. I want to make lots of these but the wine I drink has the new artificial corks. I need my sister to send me some champagne. That way the corks would be fresh as I made some of these.

Or I guess I'll just find some corks somewhere.

TRH said...

I have a wine box full of champagne corks. I can't afford to send you the champagne, but I can sure send you more corks than you could ever dress . . . . I have to mail a box to your end of the world in the next day or two anyway, want some?