Friday, June 22, 2012

Storm Damage

'Nother sunset




With Dinner

After town treat

In Town 4

In Town 3

In Town 2

In Town 1

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach 3

Beach 2

Beach 1

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sneak peek

This is not the test knit I am doing.  It is my easy piece for when I don't want to think that hard or when I am waiting on answers from the designer.  

I am sooo in love with this yarn!  It is Fiesta Yarns' KiMo which is 50/50 silk and merino.  It is delightful to knit with and  has a terrific hand in the knitted form.  It is so soft and yummy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunset on the Marsh

The camera just can't quite capture it . . .

Saturday, June 16, 2012

In the city?

Yep. Brought in to clear weeds.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upcoming Knitting

First, there is this lovely Marici lace weight silk (really lace weight, not even close to fingering) that is already on the needles.  The bottom hank is actually shades of green, not the gold that it appears to be on my monitor.  The beads will be added to the last hank, the purple blue at the top of this picture.  These are 4 hanks of one color way of The Unique Sheep's gradience yarns - this is called Wild Parrot.  It's lovely but very fine and lots of knitting and most of all it's a secret so I won't be able to show the finished product for several months.

This is Girl Far From Home's current project.  She found this lace that you knit through holes in the edge.  It's by Circulo and it's called Renda Trico.  She thought this would go nicely with a pair of jeans.  

And then there is this - I wish I could start on it immediately.  It's the third installment of The Unique Sheep Smell the Roses Club.  I had never done a club before - this particular one sends you yarn and some gifts and a pattern but you don't know what yarn, gift or pattern until they arrive.  This is the last shipment in this club but there is another Smell the Roses Club and I'm sorely tempted to do it again.  The Unique Sheep has lots of clubs . . . and lots of mystery knit alongs where you buy the yarn and then get the pattern in 'clue' form or installments one a week until you have the whole thing.  I have only done one knit along like that before and it's fun too.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just For Fun

 Seriously Fun Clock!
A really sweet friend of mine just showed up on my doorstep with this - she bought it for me because it made her think of me when she saw it.  I wonder why?
It's already hanging on the wall in my fiber room.

 Went outside to play and found a waterlily blooming - pretty in pink.

Sometimes you just gotta be different . . .

And, for your listening pleasure . . . Feelin' Groovy


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

This is the Aqua Diamonds pattern by Merike Saarniit which was published in the Spring 2012 Knitter's Magazine.  It was super quick and easy to knit.  I did my gauge swatch on Thursday night and even though I took time out to knit the edging on the Estonian Lace (and wash, block, dry and photograph it) I still finished this Monday evening. 

It looks great on Girl Far From Home and she loves it!

The only real issue is the yarn.  I found some Araucania Ulmo at the yarn shop and it was heavy worsted weight and in a color that Girl liked.  I bought three hanks - same dye lot.  First they were a nightmare to wind into balls - totally tangled and a mess because they were too loose in the hank and not tied off enough.  Then after knitting it, I discovered that the first one was much pinker than the others - in some of these photos you can see the line 2" above the diamonds where the color changes.

Girl and I over dyed this baby with red in the hopes that we can cover that line.  It's in the dryer now, so pics will have to wait.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Blocking a shawl

 First, I knit the center of the shawl - this is Estonian Lace and the edging is knit on.  You can see that both ends have live stitches.  I pick up stitches all along each side.  This baby looks like it's only about 3' long and 6" wide but it's lace, so it will grow when I block it.

This is the same thing with all the edge stitches picked up - I think I picked up something like 170+ stitches on each side and I had about 48 on each end.  It was a lot of stitches anyway.

The edging is now knit - still doesn't look like much.

 I laid it on the blocking boards to show what it looks like before.

This is as spread out as it will stay before blocking - notice that it is only 4' long and less than a foot wide.

 We give it a nice bath with a good soak.

Then I lay it in the center of a beach towel.

 Fold both sides over the middle so I have two thickness of towel on the inside of the roll and one on the outside - lots of towel to absorb water.

Then I roll up the towel and dance on it a while.  Now the knitting is still damp but will dry quickly.

 Then I lay it out, and pin it to it's full size.  As you can see it has grown to about 18" wide and 5' long - each tile is one foot square.

Stretched out you can really see the beauty of the lace - love those nupps!

And the final product!