Saturday, March 26, 2016

Little Bear

I have been so very slack about posting on this blog.  It isn't that I am not knitting, just that a lot of the knitting cannot be shared publicly yet . . . that's how it goes when you knit samples.

This is some knitting I did - may have already showed the bear but this is her dressed and finished.  She has gone to live in a crib that is waiting for the arrival of a baby.  She won't be lonely too much longer.

The Mom-to-be wanted this to be unmistakably girly, so I added the bow headband.  I wasn't thrilled with it so I made the extra two little bows so Mom could sew one on to the head if she wanted and the second so she could sew them on the dress if she didn't want them on the head.  She liked the bow headband so who knows what she will do with the extra bows.