Monday, April 9, 2012

Corn on the Cob

While I was in Idaho, we went through a couple of boxes of stuff from Mom's house.  It all got packed up after Daddy died and put in storage.  Mom & Dena came to Georgia a year or more ago and gathered up a bunch of it to take out to Idaho for mom to have.  When we opened one of the last couple of boxes, we found this red thing - Mom said it was a pot holder.  Dena and I could tell it was knit and the method intrigued us so we set out to figure out how it was made.  We thought we had it figured out, so Dena did a search and found the original pattern - in a 1950's Workbasket (reprinted from an 1890's book).

Well, we just had to make a couple ears of corn (the original pattern was for these).  The larger one is Dena's and she used Peaches & Creme.  The smaller one is mine and I used CotLin that Dena gave me.  She had to crochet  the leaves and loop because I don't crochet if I can avoid it.

Then we each had to alter the pattern to match the original red and white one.  We used more stitches and then gathered and sewed the ends.  Aren't they just the cutest things?  I'm now thinking I should try making a hat using this method.  Boy that would be a warm hat!


added:  pattern available in post of January 12, 2016


** jess! ** said...

Those are fabulous!! I don't know about a hat, but if you added some straps, it make an adorable purse!

Craftaholic said...

WOW! Way back in 1972 when I was in Jr. high school, I made a pair of slippers similar to these. Mine were made in rows of hot pink & purple with a pompom on each slipper. My teacher called them cucumber slippers. The whole class made them. They were very warm & comfortable! Then 25 years ago before my son was born, I bought a pair of light blue & white ones from a co-workers' mom. I still have his little slippers! I have been searching for a few weeks for a pattern. I just found a pattern for the slippers tonight! I am going to make pair! But first I need to learn how to knit again. It's been years! When I learned how to crochet, I stopped knitting. Crochet projects seemed to go much faster for me.
Happy stitching!

Just Sun said...

hi do you have the pattern for this posted? my mother in law has one of these potholders and wants to make them yours looks just like the one she is trying to make.

Sonje said...

I reiterate Just Sun's question. Did you ever write up a "pattern" for this stitch? I have a corn themed convention coming up, and I think I could figure out how to do the hat if I knew the stitch!

Teresa said...

The pattern was published in Workbasket Magazine in 1950 but is available through Ravelry now. I would email the link to you, but you have no email connected to your profile.

Unknown said...

The pattern link on the ravelry page leads to a dead web page. Does anyone have a PDF or other version of the pattern available? A friend in my knitting group has been trying to find this pattern, and I would love to be able to get it for her!

Thanks in advance for any assistance :)

Dena said...

See post for January 12 2016 for Pattern